Welcome To Himshikhar Poultry Breeding Farm

Pro. Puru Khanal

MD. Puru Khanal

We are situated at near Ratnanagar-3, Chitwan, Nepal. We specialise in producing free range Poultry Breeding processed on our farm. They are feed a cereal diet and allowed to roam freely, grown to full maturity, producing marbling in the meat for you to enjoy excellent taste and texture.
We supply to high quality restaurants, butchers, farm shop and farmers market outlets through out the country. The meat in the shop is vaccum packed and quick frozen to preserve the freshness. Free range eggs are also for sale. The farm shop is open 7 days a week from 8am until 6pm. Our livestock are all home bred, reared by traditional free range methods and are grass and hay fed to provide a better flavour.

Our mission is to offer our clients with high quality Commercial Broilers, Lamb, Pork & Fish as well as Commercial Layers all over Nepal and our vision is to become the biggest and most credible supplier all over Nepal.

We are constantly listening to our customers and giving them what they want. Therefore, because we appreciate the value of a personal service, our products are only available from a select number of local farm shops or directly from us. Orders can be made by e-mail or phone and collected from one of the farmers market that we attend 7 days a week or, by prior arrangement

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